a tribute to the golden age of the Costa del Sol
Realized by :
José Luis Cabrera &
Lutz Petry
Fernando Gámez &
María Sacramento Ortiz
"Torremolinos is something never seen before. I shall tell you what it is: a shelter
where you can escape from world madness. However, it is a completely crazy
shelter". (James A. Michener, The Drifters, 1968)
the fifties, sixties, seventies...

entreplazas building 3 torres building entreplazas building
photos: L.Petry
Thanks for their help to torremolinos chic:
Ángel Palomino
(author of the book "Torremolinos Gran Hotel")
Antonio Lamela
(architect of La Nogalera and Playamar)
Antonio Burgos
Mauricio Beriro / Jessica Beriro
Tropicana Hotel
Ángel L. Ramirez
Héctor Márquez
Maite (Pour quoi pas?)
Clelia Gutiérrez
Mª Mercedes Morales
"Dabadaba Revival Project"
Sara Lázaro
Jorge Dragón
Miguel A. Requena
Miguel A. Guerrero
Fernando J. Fraguas
José Luis R. Olivares
Jacques Pellegrino
Rafael Díaz "Didi" / Miguel S. Alberca
("el guateque" web)
Conde de Casa Padilla
Antonio Pendás
Inmobiliaria La Nogalera, S.A.
Luis Mérida
"La Página de Torremolinos"

Besides witnesses gathered, we have also consulted newspapers specially the records by journalist Francisco Lancha, the "Guía Secreta de la Costa del Sol" by Antonio D. Olano, the book "el estilo del relax" by Juan Antº Ramírez, Carlos Canal y Diego Santos, the book "la arquitectura del sol" coordinated by Jordi Granell,
the "Enciclopedia de la Costa del Sol"
of the daily newspaper SUR,
together with the novels and films of that period.
We need your cooperation. This page will
grow with the information, pictures and stories
you will send us.

The object of this page is not lucrative. Most pictures are postcards or old advertising, in many cases of places already disappeared. If anybody has rights on some of the pictures, he may contact us so as to include the author's name, the date, or to retire same, according to his wishes.

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